Dear Fellow Lispers,

We want to bring common-lisp.net back to its old (modest) glory. We will not stop there, though --- our aim is to work to make it a great set of resources and services for seasoned as well as "newbie" Common Lispers alike.

Your financial support can make this happen in as fast and professional manner as possible.


The funds are administered by the CLF on behalf of common-lisp.net. The money is used to:

When you donate, Paypal gives you the oportunity to write a message to us. Here you can (if you want) write your ideas and suggestions for what you would want common-lisp.net to be. While we can't promise that we will make your particular idea real - we can promise that we will read it and think about it. We know that you care - and so do we.

Kind regards,

      The common-lisp.net team

1Migrating the site to a new server or updating the operating system, including the squashing of the inevitable bugs in the aftermath, is one such task. Right now, Mario S. Mommer is doing that through his company at a very friendly rate.


The team would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their gracious hosting support and other efforts to keep common-lisp.net together over the past several years:

Thank you!