Redistribution of money for CLF projects

(Arthur Lemmens, 2014-04-16)

The Common Lisp Foundation (CLF) is available to handle collection and disbursement of monetary fees and donations for CL-related projects, meetings, etc which are of community benefit.

Note: the disbursement policy below is being discussed by the CLF board and will likely be further simplified.

When the CLF receives money for one of its projects, it takes 15% of that money and the project gets 85%. When the CLF pays money for a project, it contributes 10% of the amount that must be paid. So if you have a project that receives 1000 EUR in donations, 150 EUR goes to the CLF and 850 to your project. But if the CLF pays a 500 EUR bill for your project, 50 EUR is paid by the CLF and 450 by your project.

This 'redistribution' happens after subtracting (resp. adding) costs like payment fees or VAT.

So the Lisp formula for incoming money could be:

  (incf *project-share* (* 0.85 incoming-amount))
  (incf *clf-share*     (* 0.15 incoming-amount))

For outgoing money it could be:

  (decf *project-share* (* 0.9 amount-paid))
  (decf *clf-share*     (* 0.1 amount-paid))


Examples (taken from the financial overview for 2013):