About the CL Foundation

According to our Bylaws, The Foundation aims to promote the use and development of the Common Lisp programming language by:

  1. promoting and facilitating meetings, conferences and networking opportunities;
  2. promoting the development of de-facto standard functionality for Common Lisp with publicly available source code
  3. other allied activities which will be consistent with the above-stated aims, as well as anything reasonably connected therewith and/or may be instrumental in achieving the stated aim, given the broadest application. anything which is connected therewith and/or may be beneficial for the above purpose, taken in the broadest sense of the word.

Currently, the Foundation is active in administration of a redesigned common-lisp.net website and associated services. The Foundation is also managing donations for Common Lisp related community projects and expects to expand this activity at least to Quicklisp, ASDF, and cl-test-grid.